Basics of Archery

Archery is a shoot­ing sport and safe­ty is our high­est pri­or­i­ty. There­fore, con­duct­ing the sport on a ded­i­cat­ed archery shoot­ing range, fol­low­ing prop­er instruc­tion from accred­it­ed coach­es and Field Archery Instruc­tors (FAI) and adher­ing to all giv­en safe­ty instruc­tions dur­ing the lessons is man­dat­ed. Being a mem­ber of the ABA Inc. and one of the Branch A Archery Clubs pro­vides you with manda­to­ry lia­bil­i­ty insur­ance and sup­port if an inci­dent would occur.

Basics for Beginners:

  1. Bows
  2. Stance
  3. Load­ing
  4. Shoot­ing
  5. Aim­ing
  6. Prob­lems

Archery is Graceful