Learning Archery

DCBH is pro­vid­ing Intro­duc­tion to Archery’ and coach­ing ses­sions on Prac­tice & Coach­ing’ Sun­days from 10am — 12pm for A$20 per per­son. Group book­ings can be arranged on request. For spe­cif­ic dates please check our DCBH Shoot Cal­en­dar. Book­ing is essen­tial to ensure a accred­it­ed coach and/​or Field Archery Instruc­tor (FAI) is available.

Please don’t forget:

  1. Be on time
  2. Wear stur­dy and enclosed footwear
  3. Apply sun screen
  4. Bring a hat
  5. Fly repel­lent
  6. Water to drink — even in winter