Our Shooting Ranges

Prac­tice & FITA Range

Our prac­tice range is sit­u­at­ed next to the DCBH access road oppo­site the club house. There are vary­ing tar­get of ABA, 3D ani­mals and IFAA tar­get faces dis­played in meters and yards set­tings, depen­dent on the shoot dis­ci­plines. The over­all shoot­ing dis­tances on the prac­tice range is set from 5 up to 90 meters. A short walk down the dri­ve way is our FITA shoot­ing range with marked shoot­ing dis­tance of 605040 metres with an ele­vat­ed back-stop mound.

Dusty Plains Range (3D & ABA)

This com­pe­ti­tion range has 20 tar­get lanes and is main­ly used for our 3D shoots. It’s in an easy walk­ing dis­tance from the club house and has a gen­tle undu­lat­ing begin­ning that lev­els out to a fair­ly even dusty sur­face con­sist­ing of red­dish brown soil pro­lif­i­cal­ly cov­ered with buf­fel grass and cork­wook trees. The range dis­tance in total from shoot­ing lane 1 to shoot­ing lane 20 is approx. 2.1km. 

Neck Break­er Range (ABA 2)

Our sec­ond ded­i­cat­ed ABA Range with 20 shoot­ing lanes is the most dif­fi­cult range to tra­verse but pro­vides the most beau­ti­ful views. It begins on a lev­el sur­face behind the club house and slow­ly leads you up a rocky climb towards the first ridge top becom­ing steep­er towards the sum­mit. Don’t for­get to have a look around, the view is mag­nif­i­cent. Fol­low­ing a chal­lenged down­wards shoot, the track descends rapid­ly into a small val­ley with a dry creek run­ning through. The shoot­ing lanes mean­der along­side the creek bed and con­tin­ue to ascend again at the far side of the val­ley fol­low­ing the base of the Ilparpa Ranges. The track becomes rough, cov­ered in loose rocks and has some short steep up and downs to tra­verse. The veg­e­ta­tion being sparse buf­fel grass, witch­et­ty bush, and low mul­ga scrub. Some tar­get butts back direct­ly onto rock walls and it is rec­om­mend­ed that archers car­ry extra arrows. The range dis­tance in total from shoot­ing lane 1 to shoot­ing lane 20 is approx 2.2km.

Val­ley of Doom Range (IFAA 2)

IFAA Range 2 is set in between the Neck Break­er (ABA 2) and Ankle Twister Range (ABA 1) and can be dif­fi­cult to tra­verse. Tar­get 1 is direct­ly locat­ed behind the club house and toi­let block fac­ing towards the Ilparpa Ranges. The ter­rain is quite open and flat but ris­es sharply as you approach the climb up towards the ridge top. The walk­ing track becomes nar­row, rocky and steep just before you reach to top and after tak­ing a long dis­tance shoot along the ridge top, the track leads sharply down into a small val­ley with a dry creek bed run­ning along. You turn left and fol­low the dry creek bed along with some vary­ing uphill shoots and turn around to come back the same gul­ly and con­tin­ue towards the the Neck Brak­er Range to shoot a few more arrows until the track guides you back up to the ridge top on the same path you came down into the val­ley. The ter­rain for most of the part of this range is very rocky and in places the rocks are loose. The veg­e­ta­tion is made up of buf­fel grass on the flats with witch­et­ty bush­es, low mul­ga scrub and native bush­es. It is rec­om­mend­ed to car­ry spare arrows on this range. The range dis­tance in total from shoot­ing lane 1 to shoot­ing lane 28 is approx 3km. 

Windy Plains Range (IFAA 1)

IFAA 1 Range is one of our eas­i­er shoot­ing ranges to walk along. It’s locat­ed behind the club house run­ning along­side the camp ground. At the begin­ning there is a gen­tle down­hill walk of about fifty meters and then lev­els out onto a flat walk­ing sur­face com­prised of red dirt and sand for the rest of the shoot­ing range. The veg­e­ta­tion is main­ly thick buf­fel­grass, witch­et­ty bush, and cork­wood trees. You will pass two large ghost gum trees, the first one around lane 5 and the sec­ond one marks the half way turn around point at tar­get 14. The veg­e­ta­tion is main­ly knee high buf­fel grass, scrubs and a few native trees. The Windy Plains Range con­nects to the Ankle Twister Range (ABA 1) at the far turn around point at the sec­ond gum tree. The range dis­tance in total from shoot­ing lane 1 to shoot­ing lane 28 is approx 2.9km.

Ankle Twister Range (ABA 1)

The Ankle Twister Range con­nects the Windy Plains and the Val­ley of Doom Ranges and wraps itself around the hilly out­crop, you cross via the Val­ley of Death and the Neck Break­er Ranges. The Ankle Twister Ranger is the only range not start­ing near the club house, begin­ning next to the DCBH access track. It starts off with rel­a­tive­ly easy flat sandy ground and then pro­gress­es along the base of the Ilparpa Ranges which con­sists of rocky lanes. As you walk deep­er towards the Val­ley of Death range, the ground becomes more loose rock and it leads up to a cou­ple of steep uphill shoot posi­tions. The track pro­ceeds to guide you back to the open buf­fel grass plain again for the fin­ish. Some tar­get butts are backed onto rock walls and it is rec­om­mend­ed that archers car­ry extra arrows. The range dis­tance in total from shoot­ing lane 1 to shoot­ing lane 20 is approx. 1.7km.

Good stur­dy com­fort­able and enclosed footwear, sun­screen, hat and insect repel­lent (flies) and plen­ty of drink­ing water is required to safe­ly access each of these ranges.