Basics of Archery

Field Archery

Field Archery involves shoot­ing arrows at tar­gets of either marked or unmarked vary­ing dis­tances, depen­dent on the shoot­ing dis­ci­pline. The most pop­u­lar games with unmarked dis­tances are ABA Vinyl and 3D rounds. For marked dis­tances, the most com­mon shoots are based on the Inter­na­tion­al Field Archery Asso­ci­a­tion (IFAA) Field, Hunter and Ani­mal rounds. Com­pe­ti­tion for­mat varies with each game. Some tar­gets are con­ven­tion­al cir­cu­lar tar­gets while oth­ers are ani­mal pic­tures or 3D rub­ber shaped fer­al ani­mals. Each tar­get has a des­ig­nat­ed score zone. Scores are cal­cu­lat­ed from the amount of arrows shot and the tar­get zone hit. In com­pe­ti­tions, the archers com­pete in divi­sions based on their skill lev­el, age group and type of equip­ment being used. The age group­ings are as follows:

  • Cubs: under 13 years
  • Juniors: between 13 and 16 years
  • Adults: 17 years and over